Basic guidelines for watching a live online broadcast:

Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe's Flash Player installed on your computer; you can check that here:


Also check that your browser is the most recent version. If you're not sure what this means, go here: -


Tablets and mobile devices will need to install the Puffin browser to view the live broadcast.


A moderately fast and stable internet connection of at least 800 kbps is required for an uninterrupted viewing experience. Local conditions will vary given the speed provided by your internet service provider and the amount of internet traffic in that pipeline.

It will help to have only 1 browser open with only 1 webpage open and no other programs running on your computer. A wired internet connection will be better than a Wifi connection.


There is a chat room above the video player on the broadcast web-page. We treat this like an actual class, so sign in with your real name. Please post comments/questions during the breaks so you can keep you're attention on Tom while he's speaking, though tech support comments are welcome anytime. You'll be asked for a name and a password to enter the broadcast webpage; please enter the name and password exactly as they appear in the login email. This is usually sent within 12-24 hrs. prior to the start of the broadcast. (it's case-sensitive, make sure you don't have caps lock on, make sure there's no extra spaces)


More info & troubleshooting tips

If the web-page still shows a previous class or date, or you get a "404 Unauthorized" error, you may need to force your browser to re-load the page; it could also mean you entered the username &/or password incorrectly. Depending on your operating system, click the following keys:
Windows: ctrl + F5
Mac/Apple: Apple + R or command + R
Linux: F5

Then re-enter the username and password

Please log in to the chat room - it's the easiest way to get concise feedback quickly to Tom if he requests it, and for you to interact real time with your classmates.
For those that wish to view the chat room in a separate window, a direct link is also provided with the login info.
Please post comments during the breaks so you can keep you're attention on Tom while he's speaking. Tech support comments are welcome anytime, as long as you've actually read this entire guide...

To control the scrolling function of the chat room page along with a few other options, you need to sign into the chat room as a Chatwing user. To set up a profile with Chatwing, please go to and follow the instructions.
For an overview of this process, please watch this short instructional video:

Your user name in the chat room should follow this format: LastnameFirstname. For example, John Smith would be SmithJohn.  If you don't see the chatroom on the webpage, please review your internet security settings or update your current browser or try it in a different browser.  Chat names such as "guest" or "The Wizard of Ott" are mightily frowned upon in the chat room. If you can't figure out how to change your name, ask for help on the chat room and in the meantime sign your posts each time with your actual name.  Anonymous posts in the chat room are not printed out for Tom to read.

If there seems to be more than 5 seconds or so of latency (video lag) between real time and what you see on the computer:  Click the middle of the video player once to stop it, then once more to restart.  This will clear any built-up video lag in your system. I do it every break.
I also regularly use the free version of CCleaner to clean up my systems here before the broadcasts.

Please make sure you have the latest version of Adobe's Flash Player installed on your computer; you can check that here:
This link details how to clear your Flash Player cache if needed:
To clear out temporary internet files or browser cache, follow the link for your browser:
Firefox Chrome Internet ExplorerOpera Safari
We recommend the internet browser Firefox for viewing this event. You can download it here:
Safari and Chrome are also good. (  or
Opera may also work fine.
Internet Explorer is not recommended, though it works for some.
Also check your browser's plug-ins for up-to-date status. If you're not sure how, just google the name of your browser plus the words "plug-in update".


Note that having more than one browser installed on your computer might be handy - depending on who's updating which system, one browser may all of a sudden stop working well and another may perform better. So if you can't figure out why the chat room doesn't appear or the video player isn't visible, try accessing the broadcast page within a different browser.

iPads, iPhones and any other device that can't play Flash content will not be able to view this event live, though you will of course be able to view the on-demand version the next day or so.
A workaround for that limitation is to download an app like Photon, CloudBrowse, Puffin, etc that will allow Flash video playback, though it will likely be 15-30 seconds behind realtime.  I know a few Tracker students that have liked Puffin, the other apps I have no opinion of. You can get it here:
Mobile devices using the Android operating system may need to manually install an archived version of Flash for Android. Go here for more details:
You'll be needing this file:

You can also check hardware acceleration and turn it on or off to see if that helps - right click on the player, choose settings, click on the far left tab that looks like a screen, check or uncheck the box that says "Enable Hardware Acceleration", click close, refresh the page. 

Please ensure that you're internet connection speed is at least 800 Kbps (or 0.8 Mbps); you can check this here:
This test will tell you if it's at least possible for you to watch the live broadcast, but it does not unequivocally determine whether or not your internet connection can sustain a 800 Kbps download for long periods of time. 
To get an idea of the quality of your internet connection, go here:  A high score is usually a pretty good indicator that you'll experience few dropouts during the broadcast.
If you have a lot of dropouts or video freezes, you can try (in order) refreshing the webpage, re-booting your computer (turn off, turn on), re-booting your internet router, or go through the items mentioned previously.

If you're having problems, you can ask in the chat room for help or send an email to Bear in mind that I may have to wait until a break happens to get back to you.  If all this fails, you may have to wait for the post-broadcast video to be released the following day.

I also recommend highly that you use headphones or powered speakers to listen to the broadcast - many laptop built-in speakers aren't powerful enough to clearly hear the audio.

The video recording of the live broadcast will be posted for on-demand viewing by the next day. Usually.
That's all for now - see you soon.