Live broadcast login information for Tom Brown jr's Update Broadcast
Sept. 28, 2018 / 8:00 pm EDT until whenever.


Welcome to the "Update Broadcast" live online class with Tom Brown jr. The camera (welcome screen) & music will begin streaming live about 1 hr. before Tom begins - use this time to check that all works on your computer.

Class schedule is as follows: Sept. 28, 2018, 8:00 pm EDT until whenever.


Please make sure you have the latest version of Adobe's Flash Player installed on your computer; you can check that here: Also check that your browser is the most recent version. If you're not sure what this means, go here:


iPads, iPhones, Andoid phones and most other mobile devices will not automatically be able to view this event live, though you will of course be able to view the on-demand version the next day or so. A workaround for that limitation is to download an app like Photon, CloudBrowse, Puffin, etc that will allow Flash video playback. I know a few Tracker students that have liked Puffin, the other apps I have no opinion of. You can get it here:

The free version works, though the advertisements may slow down page loading. Last time I checked, the Pro version was $4.99



The link for the live broadcast webpage is:

You'll be asked for a name and a password; please enter the following exactly as it appears (it's case-sensitive, make sure you don't have caps lock on, make sure there's no extra spaces):

name: public

password: !Update2018


The link to the audio-only webpage is: Use if the video webpage is giving you problems due to insufficient bandwidth or processor limitations. Note that if both the normal webpage and the audio-only webpage are both active in your internet browser, you will hear a horrendous echo. So only have one or the other open at a time.

If your connection is really really slow, you can try the webpage that is audio only and has no chat room:


If the webpage still shows a previous class or date, you may need to force your browser to re-load the page. Depending on your operating system, click the following keys:

Windows: ctrl + F5

Mac/Apple: Apple + R or command + R

Linux: F5


Please log in to the chat room - it's the easiest way to get concise feedback quickly to Tom if he requests it, and for you to interact real time with your classmates. For those that wish to view the chat room in a separate window, the direct link is: Please post comments during the breaks so you can keep you're attention on Tom while he's speaking. Tech support comments are welcome anytime, as long as you've actually read this entire email :)

To control the scrolling function of the chat room page along with a few other options, you need to sign into the chat room as a Chatwing user or via other sign in - not just as a guest. To set up a profile with Chatwing, please watch this short instructional video:

The chat room will be open by the time you read this, please try it out - if you have any questions, let me know.

We strive to treat this as an actual class out in the Pines, so we ask that you sign in with your actual name. If you can't figure out how to change your name, ask for help on the chat room and in the meantime sign your posts each time with your actual name. Anonymous posts aren't always printed out for Tom to read (he doesn't actually look at the chat room in real time, just at the hard copy which is printed out for him during breaks.

If you don't see the chatroom on the webpage, please review your internet security settings or update your current browser or try it in a different browser.


If there seems to be more than 5 seconds or so of time delay (video lag) between real time and what you see on the computer: Click the middle of the video player once to stop it, then once more to restart. This will clear any built-up video lag in your system. I do it every break. I also regularly use the free version of CCleaner to clean up my systems here before the broadcasts. Please make sure you have the latest version of Adobe's Flash Player installed on your computer; you can check that here:

This link details how to clear your Flash Player cache if needed:

To clear out temporary internet files or browser cache, follow the link for your browser:Firefox Chrome Internet ExplorerOpera Safari

Also check your browser's plug-ins for up-to-date status. If you're not sure how, just google the name of your browser plus the words "plug-in update".


Please ensure that you're internet connection speed is at least 800 Kbps (or 0.8 Mbps); you can check this here: This test will tell you if it's at least possible for you to watch the live broadcast, but it does not unequivocally determine whether or not your internet connection can sustain a 800 Kbps download for long periods of time. If you have a lot of dropouts or video freezes, you can try (in order) refreshing the webpage, re-booting your computer (turn off, turn on), re-booting your internet router, or go through the items mentioned previously. If you're having problems please ask for help in the chat room or email


I also recommend highly that you use headphones or powered speakers to listen to the broadcast - many laptop built-in speakers aren't powerful enough to clearly hear the audio. The video recording of the live broadcast will be posted for on-demand viewing by the next day or so. You'll get an emailed link to an unlisted YouTube video to watch the on-demand version; it'll remain posted for at least 30 days after the last broadcast for this class unless Tom says otherwise. We also send a transcript of the chat room and any pertinent pictures from each session along with the video links.

That's all for now - see you soon.