Class Recordings:

To purchase any recordings of a Tracker School class you must have previously attended that class (at anytime in the past, e.g. you can purchase a Philosophy 1 recording if you have ever been to a Philosophy 1 class, not just the most recent one)..


Formats: digital download, data-DVD, or mp3-CD. See the FAQ page if you have any questions on the formats.


Available Classes: We have recorded just about every Tracker class since late 2006. This includes the online classes.

Beginning in 2018 each class will be sent an email with purchase instructions for that class' recording when I have finished the editing process. If you wish to order other classes, please email me with the class names, dates and format.

I no longer maintain a list of previous class recordings on this site. If you need a list of just what classes you've taken so far, I can provide that.


If you have a homemade recording of a class older than the fall of 2006 that you think is of sufficient quality or subject matter to warrant editing and mastering for release through Tracker Audio or simply for archiving at Tracker School, please contact - I usually barter for this sort of thing, depending on what the sound & content are like.